chef chase elder

a friend of farmers

My food philosophy centers around the idea that pure, minimally processed food prepared with peak-season plants is the key to delicious meals with maximum nutritional value. I create custom menus for clients using locally harvested plants and organic cruelty-free meat, always accommodating individual dietary restrictions.

the food I cook is made with your favorite ingredients, flavors, herbs, textures, and spices from around the globe. Your likes and dislikes are the foundation for your personalized menu, but I always come prepared with suggestions that can provide clients an exciting new experience with food.

Why local, in-season, and organic? Plain and simple: Plants harvested in-season taste better. Plus, locally grown plants avoid contamination from transport and eliminate a carbon footprint. Eating food that’s grown in close proximity helps ground us in the present. When we eat in-season, we live in-season.

Eating locally grown food also allows us to support farmers in our nearby counties. We can contribute to our local economy and form personal relationships with members of the farming community. My passion for cooking goes beyond the end result of a delicious meal and includes the joy I experience working closely with people who share the same dedication to nutrition, wellness, and sustainability.


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