How much information is floating around out there about what is detoxifying, anti-cancer , will help you lose weight, and is the right kind of healthy? It can be overwhelming when trying to choose and get you to give up all together. I have bought superfoods and supplements, eaten mostly organic for the last 10 years, experimented with veganism, but have settled on being and omnivore. It’s a costly commitment, the quest for a healthy life, but I am dedicated to discovering what works. The only fact that I can say is true for me is -I crave GREEN and FAT. Through the years I have developed an ability to hear what my body wants, but in order to be in tune, I must be on a relatively clean diet. When I eat too much red meat, carbs, sugar, or anything processed, it can cloud me up, and send me on a binge!

With GREEN and FAT in mind, I decided to embark on a 5 day cleanse focused on my favorite craves. Before the cleanse, I had the holidays hot on my trail, I was hooked on a daily sugar dose, and felt bloated and lethargic. My goal was to scrap the sugar, reset my palate, and gain some mental clarity for beginning of the year goals. My partner Joel decided to try it out too, and within the first 30 minutes he was complaining, and that OK, we all aren’t cut out for fasting.

I decided my fast would include green juice, homemade nut milk, fiber free broths, raw vegetable fiber free soups, elixirs, teas, water, and the occasional shot of bentonite clay.

My theory was that the punches of savory flavor would keep my taste buds satisfied, and allow my digestive track to get some much needed rest. Day 1 was tough, but I followed the protocol, and made it through the mental urges to say screw it. Other than the caffeine withdrawal which causes me headaches on the left side of my head, I had no apparent side effects. I needed twice the amount of liquid on Day 1, but it eventually decreased and I got into a nice groove, and even made it to the gym regularly and had daily saunas.

The results: no constipation, weight loss (about 4 lbs.), I sweat twice as much in the sauna, sounder sleep, no stomach aches, flat tummy, increased focus and energy (after day 1), and SASTISFACTION! Additional measures included: frequent trips to the sauna to detox the pores and glands, 2 bikram yoga sessions at the start and finish, mild yoga focusing on twists, myofascial release with balls and rollers, daily supplements of activated charcoal, probiotics, and Doterra’s GX assist.

A daily meal plan:

  • ·             7 AM- hot water with lemon
  • ·             7:15AM-organic black tea with almond milk
  • ·             8AM-all greens juice with a hint of apple
  • ·             10AM (post gym) nut milk blended beverage with super food green powder & avocado 
  • ·             10:30AM-1:30PM water,  herbal teas, or another green juice
  • ·             2PM-chicken or vegetable broth
  • ·            5PM-raw soup (strained and free of fiber) or any other strained broth like soup

This is a cleanse that works for me. I am not suggesting you try it; I am only sharing my experience. If you think it might be something that would work for you, then go for it! If you decide to try it, please send me feedback. And remember to always cleanse with caution, if you are dizzy or weak, then by all means EAT! Here is an article about juice fasting with more info, as well as a link to a documentary on Amazon Prime Video.