The Power to Change

How to Gain the Ability to Change your Mind
On May 16th, 2016 I left New York after 15 years in the big apple, and transplanted to Los Angeles. Both of these cities are full of hustle and bustle, but things are a little slower and a lot more spread out in LA. Moving from one coast to the other; no big deal, but for me it was a choice that I was sitting on for 5 years. The thoughts surrounding this choice were incredibly nerve racking becausethere was risk involved- my career, relationship, and connections were all at stake.  I was leaving my community and a collection of very dear friends with no guarantees. Fortunately, things fell into place nicely, and granted me the courage to take the plunge. 
The emotions I experienced during this process were all fear based: loss of control, loneliness, financial insecurity, meeting new people, was my relationship foundation strong enough, DRIVING, etc., etc. These feelings kept me paralyzed and unable to make the changes I wanted to improve my quality of life. My gut was telling me GO!, but my brain was saying, stay where it’s COMFORTABLE. I knew I just needed to put one foot in front of the other and get my ass out of NYC and head to LA LA Land before the summer, and so I did it. I’ve been empowered.
Keeping a clear headspace was the most important part of this process. Staying present for each day, cherishing the time I had with friends, and staying active in my plan. Like any move, I had to work out some logistics, and when things didn’t go exactly how I would have liked, I just worked through it instead of trying to force an outcome of my liking.
My heart strings we being pulled the last weeks I was in NYC, and I started second guessing my choice. Suddenly the beauty of the city revealed itself, but I knew I was just experiencing the bittersweetness of good byes. These thoughts were coupled with reminders of all the reasons I wanted to leave, and my decision was quickly clarified.
I followed a 3 month plan of action. This was my order of execution:

  1. Decided I want a change.
  2. Pick a day I want the change to happen.
  3. Look to other people’s experience as a guideline to follow.
  4. Research
  5. Make preparations
  6. Accept that things will not be the same once the change is made
  7. Stay humble.  Remind myself that things might work out differently than I think.
  8. Stay open. New beginnings come with new challenges.  
  9. Let go.  Out with the old, in with the new.
  10. Once the change has taken place, don’t regret the past, just enjoy the journey.

My last night in NYC was beautiful, I had a small agenda during the day.   sang karaoke with a beautiful group of friends, ate 2 slices of pizza, and cried. It was perfect. Making this leap has been incredibly empowering. I am so grateful to have developed the self confidence to change what is not working for me in my life-because I am worth it!
What happened once I arrived to Los Angeles will be the second part to this article. For my newest recipe from CA, visit my recipes page on this site

My last night in the Big Apple. These are some very special people whom I will never forget.

My last night in the Big Apple. These are some very special people whom I will never forget.

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