Time is Not an Enemy

I recently had a birthday, and turned 36. I decided to change my perspective on what age means to me as I start getting closer to 40. The idea of a number dictating how I am supposed to feel about myself, where I am meant to be in life, and how much time I have left, is a tool for harsh self judgement. I’d rather take my awareness to listen to intuition, follow my heart, and make choices by trusting my gut. Getting older is scary, and not being exactly where I’d like to be today in my career, or financially is a real fear. It doesn't matter if I am 26 or 52, if I don't take actions in life to continuously build self confidence, and take small risks, I won't reach the goals that I want to achieve.

This year I decided to play a game with myself for my special day. I typically fear the clock and the idea of never getting enough done in a day. It leaves me feeling tension and disappointment. On this day, I dropped that agenda and decided to walk with time, full of ease and grace. I had a delightful day, and showed me that everyday can be just like that if I wake up with the right intention.  After a Bikram Yoga reunion at a new studio here in Atwater Village Rise Hot Yoga, I had lunch at my favorite food discovery in Silver lake called Pine and Crane, followed by the most delightful body scrub, and spa experience totaling $65 at Olympic Spa in Koreatown.  This tiny spa is fully loaded including a Himalayan pink salt chamber for the deepest detox and relaxation.  General admission with access to steam, sauna, soak, and pink salt is only $20!!! Self Care is the key to everlasting YOUTH ya’ll! A nice thought to end with is that I honestly don’t feel much different than I did when I was 18. The only thing that has changed in 18 years are my scowl lines, my fashion sense and my wisdom!! and I am certainly grateful for all of those changes.

I made a lovely green salad bowl for a friend of mine who recently moved to LA.  She is all raw and I wanted to make sure to make her a thoughtful meal that met her needs, and it was to die for! Check out RECIPES for details.

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