Eating Healthy, Every Day

How do we cook healthy meals with the daily stresses of life?

How many times have you left the house after having a great breakfast with tons of energy and think..."I am going to eat healthy today!!!" Then, as the day progresses, you find yourself getting usually haven't planned what to eat, so panic sets in and you eat whatever is easiest. Then you've blown it...and you feel defeated. And might even eat things that are UNHEALTHY because you already lost the battle. Sound familiar?

In reality, you can start your intentions over at any point of the day.

Here are a few strategies to help combat this occurrence:

1. Always have water. Drinking enough water keeps us hydrated which keeps cravings at bay and helps to keep you focused. Sometimes we are just thirsty! so it's good to know you always have water somewhere close. Clean filtered water is best!

2. Keep healthy snacks close by that are easy to transport on your person. i.e. nuts, apples, bananas, oranges, dates, organic popcorn.

3. Prepare food in ADVANCE! You can cook at night when time is optimal. Cook for 2 days ahead, and clean and prep vegetables before you need to cook them. This takes a bit of time, but only ONE time vs. daily.

4. Join a CSA or a company like Fresh Direct. A CSA is a way to work with local farmers to get fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. Most times, you pick up once a week. If you don't have time to go to the grocery store multiple times per week, get them delivered, and always try to support local businesses.

5. Scout your hood! Whether you're at work, on the road, or home, try and find out where your allies are. Where can you buy organic? Where is the nearest juice or smoothie bar? Who has take away options that are nutritious and delicious!!! Find these places so you know where to go before the panic sets in.

6. Do you have kitchen/fridge space at work? If so, stock that area with plenty of healthy snacks for when crunch time and deadlines are keeping you indoors!

For more information about CSA's please check out this farm!  I have stayed there and what they do is amazing.  All organic, family owned and operated by women!

Recipe Time: Waldorf Quinoa Pilaf

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