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How a Scoop of Ice Cream Ruined My Night

I am sure we’ve all been here, It’s 10pm on a Sunday, I’m snuggled up in bed, and I think to myself, “Just one scoop of ice cream could totally improve this scenario.” So what do I do?  I go get the ice cream! I ration out 2 small scoops and return to my bed for some good old fashioned JOY. I devour the ice cream in less than 3 minutes, but shortly after I feel the symptoms of a major CRASH. It takes every muscle in my body to get me up to brush my teeth, then I rush back to bed to pass out. Ahhhhhhh, sleep will be so good.  I can’t wait to sleeeeeeeeeppppp.

I wake up around 3am with stomach cramps. I am not in PAIN, I am just uncomfortable.  “Wait, am I about to start my period?" "No.”  I try and remember what I have done before bed.  “Oh, right, I ate ice cream, but that can’t be the cause of this? “It was just a little.”

Eating before bed is never a good idea. Our digestive systems have been working hard for us all day to process the food we have been consuming since breakfast. The food has been broken down, distributed to the appropriate locations, and eliminated. The digestive tract needs a rest too, and it can when we are asleep. In addition, when we are sleeping we are inactive, and the food we consume just sits inside of our stomachs, unable to move through the body as well as when we are mobile.

Furthermore, waking up throughout the night because of mild intestinal discomfort keeps me from a full night’s rest, which can be detrimental to my upcoming day. I will be foggy, unable to focus, and unnecessarily irritable.  Sleep is the most important variable to good health.  We all need 7 hours of uninterrupted rest.  If you are struggling with sleep, you can look forward to more on that subject at an upcoming workshop!

It is possible to satisfy my sweet tooth at night and still get a full night’s rest. Here is how:

1. Try and cease drinking and eating at least 2 hours before bed.
2. Stay away from caffeinated and unhealthy treats.
3. Try frozen fruit “ice cream” or dark chocolate for desert if need be. 
4. Always eat and drink in moderation to avoid bloating and cramping.
5. Try and incorporate diaphragmatic breathing exercises at nighttime. 

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