How to Get Back to the Joys of Childhood Through Physical Fitness

When I was young I loved gymnastics.  I channeled this passion into cheerleading throughout middle and high school.  I can remember the rush of excitement before heading to a game, putting on my uniform, getting nervous about some new stunt, wondering whether or not I'd pull off that back handspring.  I looked forward to it every week because it made me feel so alive.   

When I do yoga, it reminds me of this feeling.  I enjoy challenging my body and easing my mind, but I also get a rush when I feel a sense of accomplishment.  You can't go back to that childlike excitement, but you can find similar physical activities to awaken that joy.  You can go to the gym - run on a treadmill, lift some weights, and take a few aerobic classes.  This works great for people who like routine and want to maintain.  For me, a nice mix of yoga, gym, roller-skating, hiking, etc, keeps me interested and challenged.  Trying something new and unexpected usually opens doors to new places.

I recently found a dance class that meets in a Church in Brooklyn once a week, and you can dance however you feel with all the lights turned off.  It is an amazing release to be with other people, in the dark, doing your own thing without judgment. It takes a moment to get warmed up to it, then all of a sudden you hear a good track and you find yourself moving like you were in your bedroom alone. The best part is that I am burning tons of calories, sweating like I am in the jungle, and having an awesome experience (all for $5).

Physical fitness can be hard to prioritize when you have a busy and full life, but once you commit, you will feel better.   There are huge health benefits, both mentally and physically.  Try things out and don’t give up if the first few things aren’t the right fit.  You will find your niche as long as you have patience and dedication.

Here are some suggestions:  HOT YOGA! Vinyasa Yoga, Kickboxing, Barre, Tai Chi, Rock Climbing, Beach Volleyball, Roller Skating, Soul Cycle, outdoor Boot Camp groups, Twerking, or whatever floats your boat!

Check out No Lights No Lycra and see if there is one near you!

YOGA http://yogatothepeople.com 

SPIN https://www.soul-cycle.com

A VARIETY OF CLASSES https://classpass.com 

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